Medical Neuroscience in the 2018 edition of Class Central’s Top 50 MOOCs of All Time

Class Central’s Top 50 MOOCs of All Time

There are close to 10.000+ MOOCs from 800 universities around the world. Class Central is a website with an overview of MOOCs and reviews by learners that have taken courses.

Because the number of MOOCs offered is overwhelming Class Central has made  a list of Top 50 MOOCs of All Time . It made the list for the first time in July of 2016 and refreshed it again last year. The list can help potential learners to find a good online course . Thousands of reviews written by Class Central users form the foundation of that ranking.

Medical Neuroscience ranks in the top 13 science courses again!

In 2016 Medical Neuroscience was in the list of Top 50 MOOCs in the science category as you can read in this news article on Learn Medical Neuroscience in 2016 . 

It was also in the top 50 on the 2017 list.

In 2018 Medical Neuroscience can again be found in the science courses of the top 50 MOOCs of all time, edition 2018. The reviews of the course Medical Neuroscience that are important for this ranking can be found on this page.

reviews on the course medical neuroscience in class centra;
Reviews on the course Medical Neuroscience in Class Central

If you take a look at the dates of the reviews on Class Central we can see that the reviews are not recent, the most recent one dates two years back. Because recent reviews are missing there is an important task  for the current learners.

Learners reviews are important

Above all  you can recommend the course yourself. To do that you post a review on the course. You can clarify the quality and depth of our free course to potential learners.

A  News Article was published to stress this The article is:  ‘Review the course‘ |(May 15, 2016). It invites learners to review the course on two sites on the internet.

Let’s share reviews on Medical Neuroscience

The learning community of our course shares the feeling that it is a wonderful course and wants to share that feeling with other potential learners. Therefore Let’s keep adding our reviews to the review sites and make it clear that it is an outstanding course.

Therefore current learners: Add reviews on the course Medical Neuroscience to   Class central.


Review Medical Neuroscience

Review the course

Learner Recommended courses on Coursera
Learner Recommended courses on Coursera

You have a chance to recommend the course to other learners. That is you can review the course Medical Neuroscience on a course review site. That way you can make clear to potential learners that this free course has great quality and depth. Because good reviews help students to find the course it is a good idea to add  your review as well.


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Duke University Course Credit for online Course Medical Neuroscience

by Leonard White, PhD

Students have asked for Duke Course Credit

Over these last few years, I’ve received many inquiries from people all over the world who are seeking official Duke University course credit for the online course  Medical Neuroscience. For example, some of these students are trying to fulfill a requirement of an academic program in their own university. Others seek to complete a requirement for admission to the next educational level  (e.g., graduate admissions or medical school admission). Many of these students hoped to earn an official course credit that would transfer back into their home institution. They also hoped to receive a transcript from Duke University verifying successful completion of Medical Neuroscience.

Medical Neuroscience, a medical school- and graduate school-caliber online course from Duke University and Coursera.

If this possibility has been on your mind, I have good news! Continue reading “Duke University Course Credit for online Course Medical Neuroscience”

Prof. White’s thoughts on the Sixth Edition of Neuroscience

by Leonard White, PhD (Duke University)

Introducing Neuroscience, 6th Ed.

After nearly five years of research, writing, and editing, the sixth edition of  Neuroscience, by Purves et al., was released in October of 2017 by Sinauer Associates (now an imprint of Oxford University Press). Since the first edition of the book was published in 1997, this is the most thorough revision from one edition to the next.

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Prof. White wins Duke University teaching award again

Golden Apple teaching award

Prof White has again received the  Duke Medicine Golden Apple Award for Pre-Clinical Science Faculty in 2018. In 2016  prof. White has also received it that prize. See Teaching Award for Prof. Len White.

The Preclinical Golden Apple award is an award for the recognition and appreciation of outstanding dedication to medical student education. The Golden Apple is the most prestigious teaching award given by the medical school student body to recognize physician-teachers that the medical students feel have played an exceptionally effective and dedicated role in their education. This honor is reflects the nominations and votes of all four classes of medical students.. The award was won by prof. White in 2016 and can’t be won in two consecutive years, so prof. White could not win in 2017. Continue reading “Prof. White wins Duke University teaching award again”

Website Learn Medical Neuroscience has migrated

Safe Server

Some of you might have noticed. The website  (LMN) is now hosted on a safe server.


LMN is a WordPress site. WordPress is an immensely popular CMS (Content Management System), 60% of the websites with a CMS use WordPress.  Immensely popular for webmasters but also for hackers.  LMN not free of attacks. That seems relatively harmless. LMN does not sell products and does not register any user data but it does have a lot of links. I have met hacked websites on which the links have been changed and  lead to content that I personally do not want to be associated with and I do not want the course ‘Medical Neuroscience’  be associated with either.  So I have chosen for migration to a safe server. Continue reading “Website Learn Medical Neuroscience has migrated”

@Duke University, DIBS


After our visit to Washington, for the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience 2017. Prof. White took my husband and me to Durham. There we visited Duke University and DIBS (Duke Institute for Brain Sciences).

Highlight of that visit was the personal Neuroanatomy Lab with prof. White. There was a special emphasis on the Hippocampus. A brain structure that is essential in the research proposal I wrote in the context of the specialization  ‘Neuroscience‘ .

Ellen Vos-Wisse (2015): Exercise and traumatic brain injury. Neurogenesis, wayfinding and memory.

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Looking back on SfN2017

Annual meeting Society for Neuroscience 2017

Visiting the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience (SfN2017) has been a great succes for me. Meeting the neuroscientists in flesh and blood is a great change from meeting them only online.

The meeting is a massive event 30.000 neuroscientists meeting on their favorite topic. There are poster sessions, symposia and minisymposia, workshops, clinical roundtable meetings, events and meetings. Continue reading “Looking back on SfN2017”

Medical Neuroscience on the annual meeting Society for Neuroscience 2017

Annual meeting Society for Neuroscience 2017

Washington D.C. is buzzing with Neuroscience. Hotels are full with Neuroscientists, restaurants are fully booked with them so if you do not make reservations in advance there is no way you can find a seat. And they all wear the same conference badge. From November 11 – 15 the 47th annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience 2017 is held in Washington D.C, with around 30.000 attendants. Continue reading “Medical Neuroscience on the annual meeting Society for Neuroscience 2017”

Affective Learning in Medical Neuroscience (a Massive Open Online Course)

by:  Ellen Vos-Wisse, Marina Buryak, Indira Biel and Kevin Park (course Mentors Medical Neuroscience)

brain caress
Brain Caress – Jonathan Andrew

Taking a well-designed MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) can have a life-changing effect, such as one can read about in the following article:
Eric Ferreri (October 11, 2016):
Len White on building an online community – one hashtag at a time

Prof. White met an unfamiliar young man outside his office one day. The man knew White through the MOOC Medical Neuroscience. The course inspired the man so much that he left his native China (where he was a medical student) to come to the US seeking neurosurgery opportunities. He was outside Dr. White’s door that day simply to express his gratitude.

“He realized he wanted to become a neurosurgeon, and he did not have that idea before he took the course,” prof. White says. “It was a powerful moment.” Continue reading “Affective Learning in Medical Neuroscience (a Massive Open Online Course)”