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Brain development (source Anatomy & Physiology OpenStax College; Download for free at

The Study Tips Brain Development is not a very rich page on the website compared to previous pages. Most of the strategic Study Tips are present on earlier pages and are not repeated here. Especially Brain anatomy is important in this Unit of the course. Relevant Study Tips and resources for Brain Development are presented in Study Tips Neuroanatomy and in the Virtual Lab, Unit A: Neuroanatomy.

Study Tip Brain Development 1.

This course starts with Neuroanatomy. Brain Development comes later in the course. Therefore you can review a lot of the material of the Neuroanatomy unit in the unit on Brain Development.

You can go back to the Unit A tutorial notes (even better re-watch Unit A tutorials if you have time to spare) and review Neuroanatomy for your study of Brain Development. For example, prof. White presents an embryological framework for cranial nerve nuclei in the tutorial notes on Cranial Nerve Nuclei. You can review this material and expand your understanding of embryological development at the same time.

Study Tip Brain Development 2.

I find Figure: The ventricular spaces associated with each of the major subdivisions of the brain (A24 page 744 of the 5th edition and A2 on page A-3 of the 6th edition of the textbook) very useful in the study of this Unit.

Study Tip Brain Development 3.

You can use the resources on the Virtual Lab, Unit 4: Brain Development.

Study Tip Brain Development 4.

Besides course material there is more relevant material in the next list of resources

Early Brain Development.
Modification of Neural Circuits in Early Neonatal Life
The Changing Brain Across the Lifespan; development, repair and regeneration