Study Tips Neural Signaling

Study Tips Neural Signaling

action potential ( source anatomy & physiology)
Action Potential (source Anatomy & Physiology OpenStax College; Download for free at

Concrete additions to your study strategy to make your study more successful and more fun with optimal use of the resources.

Study Tip Neural Signaling 1.

Use the resources in the Virtual Lab, Unit 1: Neural Signaling.

Study Tip Neural Signaling 2.

When you do not feel confident on your biological background, you can try if this book can be of help:  Biology – OpenStax college. Chapter 35: The Nervous System and Chapter 36: Sensory Systems

Study Tip Neural Signaling 3.

If you are watching a tutorial and think ‘hearing your explanation that makes sense’ but you are not sure you will recall the explanation when you get questions about it, write down the time and tutorial of the explanation in your notes. Then it’s easier to re-view the explanation to really get it.

Study Tip Neural Signaling 4.

For those of you that do not have the textbook, you can use the digital edition of the textbook (second edition). For example:

  1. An important figure is figure 5.3  Sequence of events involved in transmission at a typical chemical synapse. It is figure 5.3 in the second edition as well.
  2. An important figure is a figure on excitatory and inhibitory post synaptic potentials (figure 5.21 in the tutorial). It can be found in the second edition as well. There the number of the figure is 7.6.
  3. the figure on NMDA receptors (fig.8.10 in the tutorial) can be found as figure 25.9 in the digital edition of Neuroscience.

In this digital edition you can also read the text. Of course in that case use table of contents to find the text.

Study Tip Neural Signaling 5.

Check the nice animation showing  electrical and chemical signals  used by neurons to communicate with one another at synapses. And a bit of fun (if you can spare the time) on a neurophysiology Virtual lab,  dissecting a virtual leech to learn about neurophysiology.

Study Tip Neural Signaling 6.

A really  good resource: Nerve cell biology an online chapter from Molecular Biology of the Cell by Alberts et al.