Virtual Lab

You have arrived at the core of this website: The Medical Neuroscience Virtual Lab. In  Tutorial Video Your Part! at 05:57 Prof. White advises you to:  “Follow the path“.

The structure of the course is the foundation of the Virtual Lab. You can find valuable links to enriching resources. If you use the Virtual Lab you are not tempted to browse the internet to find resources for yourself. It will help you to develop an effective Study Strategy.

Structure of the Virtual Lab

You can find many resources online, but some are in violation of copyright. To develop good resources, income is often generated by selling access to the book, image, app, website, etc. If those resources end up being freely available the income needed to generate new resources is lost.

For the Virtual Lab, open resources and resources that can be used for educational purposes are used in the links. If you find resources that are protected by copyright and should not be on the Virtual Lab in the links, please let us know by using the contact form.

Featured videos: only YouTube and Vimeo videos with a “Share” button have been embedded. If the owner enables the Share button, it means that they allow others to embed the video. If the copyright owner of the video has made a mistake and does not want the video embedded despite the Share button, please inform me. I will remove the video immediately.  -Ellen-