Unit 3: Motor Systems

Featured Video: Ballet: The unlikely respite for the pain of Parkinson’s – Channel 4 News (English National Ballet ). For more information go to “Parkinson Dances” in the paragraph “Dealing with Neurological Constraints” on the Neurological Exam page.

Brain Section Images for visualizing pathways

created by a Community Teaching Assistant. In 2014, B.C. Jackson created the following learning tools for reviewing pathways during the first run of Medical Neuroscience:

Lower Motor Neuronal Control (LMNC)

Upper Motor Neuronal Control (UMNC)

Modulation of Movement (MoM) by the Basal Ganglia

Modulation of Movement (MoM) by the Cerebellum

Eye Movements

Corticospinal Corticobulbar Pathways

Visceral Motor System (VMS)



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