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Shining brain. Source: Pixaby CC-0
Shining brain. Source: Pixabay CC-O

Material created especially for learners Medical Neuroscience:

Roadmap to successful study

A general roadmap to succesful study has been developed by course mentors and staff: Roadmap for effective learning.

Summary of Pathways Medical Neuroscience
  • Summary of Pathways  (2016, Neuroscience 5th ed.) This is a summary for the Final Exam of the course. Images in the Summary come from Anatomy & Physiology (OpenStax College .© 1999-2016, Rice University). You can use this material for educational purposes but remember to give the source. You can look at Virtual Lab, General Resources to find out how to do that.
  • Summary Neuroanatomy and Neural signaling (2016, Neuroscience 5th ed.) You can use images from Anatomy & Physiology for educational purposes with attribution.
  • Summary Sensory and Motor systems (2016, Neuroscience 5th ed) Creative Commons  4.0 License


Neural Pathways
Neural Pathways – by Kevin Parks (Medical Neuroscience 2016)

Brain Section Images for visualizing pathways

Community Teaching Assistant (now Mentor) B.C. Jackson created the following learning tools for reviewing pathways during the second run of Medical Neuroscience in 2014. Because B.C. has been careful to use material free from copyright you can use and share the material free. It is a resource you can use very well to visualize the neural pathways.

Neuroscience book recommendations

Free online neuroscience textbooks

(You can use them but please be careful with what you share, avoid copyright infringement):

Neuroscience textbooks

Finally relevant books for the study of Medical Neuroscience:

Recommended readings from Neuroscience, 5th ed.

In the learning objectives from each tutorial on the course website you will find the recommended readings from Neuroscience, 6th edition. Here you find a link to the pages in the 5th edition.

 In addition, links to very useful sites when reviewing course material:

General Learning Materials Medical Neuroscience

MRI: Frontal, Axial, and Sagittal MRI images. This material is especially relevant to exam questions with MRI material. It seems a good idea to thoroughly explore the site at the beginning of Medical Neuroscience.

Practice problems
  • Practice problems: Textbook website (with additional practice problems) Accessing Textbook Practice Problems:
    1. You can select “ONLINE QUIZZES” on the main textbook webpage (the link above), in the menu on the left. This will take you to a login page.
    2. You can create your account. You can select the “Create New Account” option (2nd in a set of three on the page, written in red). The link will take you to Step 1, where you need to enter the instructor’s email address (for our class, this is len.white@duke.edu) and
    3. Then you can click the “Submit” button. In Step 2, you need to enter in the requested information and select “Medical Neuroscience” in the drop-down menu to the right of “Course Selection”, and then you click “Submit”.
    4. A new page appears that states “Account created” and directs you to check your email account provided on the previous page for an email from support@sinauer.com. The email will provide final directions to confirm your account and log into the website. The textbook practice problems are in the form of multiple choice quizzes (about 20 questions or so per quiz) with randomly selected questions that change with each attempt. References to the textbook are located below each question to aid in study.