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Messages concerning the course Medical Neuroscience

On this bulletin board  important messages concerning the course can be found.

Message 1: Recommended readings from Neuroscience, 5th ed.

In the learning objectives from each tutorial on the course website you will find the recommended readings from Neuroscience, 6th edition. Here you find a link to the pages in the 5th edition.

Message 2: Place of Tutorial Notes

The Tutorial Notes are very important in this course. It is a good idea to start learning by reading the Notes that come with a video before you watch the video (see Study Strategy)

place tutorial notes
Tutorial Notes can be found below the Video at the right-hand side of the screen under Downloads if the course is opened in a web browser. They are not present when the course is opened in the Coursera app.
Message 3:  You can retake a quiz indefinitely

You can take a quiz 3 times every 8 hours. That means that you have an unlimited number of quiz attempts but may only retake a quiz 3 times in an 8-hour timeframe. After that, you can retake it 3 times in 8 hours. Your grade is not penalized on this format for retakes, and you may continue attempts up until the end of your session.

Message 4: Due dates

The due dates are only guidelines. If you can not finish in the current session you can even transfer to another session.

When you miss quizzes for two weeks in a row, you’ll receive an e-mail from Coursera giving you the option to switch. You still get access to the content of the two missed weeks and try to catch up. When you switch to the next session, your course progress is saved. You get new deadlines, discussion forums and classmates. Before switching, please check the start date for the next session to make sure you won’t have to wait too long to access the course content. Be sure that switching is what you want because it’s final.

Message 5: Switching a course after paying for a session

If you had already paid for this session, then here is Coursera’s policy: If you paid for a course on Coursera’s new platform, your payment will expire 180 days from the payment date, or 180 days from the start date of the course’s first session, whichever is later. During this 180-day period, you may attempt the course in multiple sessions.

If you don’t earn your Certificate within 180 days, you’ll need to pay the fee again. You will need to join (re-register) the next session when you no longer have access to this one. Do not unenroll the course.

Here is a link to Coursera’s information on switching to a different session.

Message 6: The Coursera app does not provide Tutorial Notes

The image of the first message shows that the course provides several downloads. The Coursera app does not provide all of them. The Tutorial Notes and Transcripts are not available on the Cousera app.

When you are using mobile or tablet they are only available if you use a web browser (like Google Chrome or Firefox) to open the course.  Then Tutorial Notes and Transcript show up if you scroll down completely under the video. If you already have downloaded the app, it will try to force you to view the mobile site. But if you hold down and click the button that says “Go to course” you can open it in another window. Then you can view the desktop version with all of the information.

Message 7: Total number of hours of the course (Important if your University gives you Academic Credit for Medical Neuroscience)

There are nearly 46 hours of videos in the course at 1x playback speed. Then, one should consider time in the discussion forums and time spent studying on your own. Prof. White’s recommendation has been to plan to spend 16-20 hours per week on the course across the 13 weeks, which would be somewhere between 200 and 260 hours of total time.

Prof. White recommends at least 200 hours in the course to achieve success.