Study Strategy

Study Strategy

MediNeuro by Kevin Reginald Parker
MediNeuro by Kevin Reginald Parker

Roadmap to successful study

A general roadmap to succesful study has been developed by course mentors and staff: Roadmap for effective learning.

And then there is a Study Strategy especially for the course:

Focus on course material
  • It works best if you really focus on the course materials. Course materials are: Video Tutorials, Tutorial Notes and the textbook (if it is available to you). You can use the resources on the website to complement the course materials.
  • It is a good idea to to scan the tutorial notes before watching the Video Tutorials . Let the Tutorial Notes provide the framework for understanding the tutorial. The framework from the tutorial notes might make it easier for you to understand the tutorial right away. Do not go too deeply into the notes (it will take too much of your time). If you have the textbook, it is very useful to look up the figures that are mentioned in the text.
  • place tutorial notes
    Tutorial Notes are located below the Video at the right-hand side of the screen under Downloads if the course is opened in a web browser. They are not present when the course is opened in the Coursera App.
  • If English is a problem you can also download the Transcript (also under Downloads as you can see in the image above) and read them before watching the video. Then you can follow what prof. White explains more easily.
    Take notes
  • It is very useful to take notes while you watch the tutorials .  You can make rough sketches of what is shown. That is very useful in your study of neuroscience, as demonstrated in “Visualize your knowledge” ( Tutorial Video Your Part! at 07:15).
Use Quizzes to learn the course material
  • When you prepare for a Unit Quiz it is best if you study the Tutorial Notes again. You can use them when doing the Unit Quiz.
  • The quizzes are wonderful learning material.  You can take 3 quizzes every 8 hours, after 8 hours have past you can start afresh that means you have an unlimited amount of quiz attempts. That allows you to learn from your mistakes. It is a good idea to repeat each quiz as many times as possible, because each time you take a given quiz it will be populated with different questions and answer choices.