Unit A: Neuroanatomy

Featured video “Visualizing the brain as a universe of synapses” by Stanford Medicine. For more information, visit their news story and the description of the method.

Neuroanatomy, general resources

  • 3D Brain, Genes to Cognition Online  by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. A very useful 3D model of the brain with descriptions of various brain structures, associated functions, associated cognitive disorders, substructures, research reviews, etc.
  • The Human Brain by www. anatomie-amsterdam.nl: Brain atlas for educational purposes, with clear interactive images. Includes external views of the brain and cerebellum, cerebrum slices , white matter, tracts and MRI scans.
  • 3D Brain by BrainFacts.org. Interactive brain model with clear and helpful structure descriptions.
  • MRI Atlas of the Brain. An interactive presentation of the anatomical structures, by Javad Hekmat-panah, MD, Professor of Neurosurgery, Neurology and Cancer Research University of Chicago.
  • Allen Brain Atlas: Contains several free online atlases of the human and mouse brain adult and developing brains, published by the Allen Institute (Paul Allen is one of the founders of Microsoft). The data are heavily geared towards gene expression, but the reference atlases are quite usable and useful. Have a look at the Allan Brain Atlas tutorials.
  • Anatomy of the Brain by University of British Columbia with a Creative Commons License: web atlas, imaging, 3D reconstructions, stroke model, brain & behaviour,  neurotutorials , movies.
  • The Unfixed Brain: YouTube video by University of Utah Brain Institute.
  • Basic Parts of the Brain – Part 1-: tutorial with 3D Brain Model by AnatomyZone.com
  • Basic Parts of the Brain- Part 2-: tutorial with 3D Brain Model by AnatomyZone.com
  • ZygoteBody Anatomy: create a free account and use the 3D Brain Model to learn
  • Brainbows — Mixing Colors to Map the Brain In this video from Vania Cao shows how scientists developed the “brainbow” technique to differentiate neurons by color, and it took third place in the 2014 Brain Awareness Video Contest of the SfN.
  • Neuroanatomy Online: open-access electronic laboratory for the neurosciences. Lab 1 – Overview of the Nervous System

Functional Microanatomy of Neurons

Non-Neural Cells of the Central Nervous System (CNS)

  • Neuroglia and the Brain.  Video about glia, thelesser-known brain cells support and protect neurons. Brain Awareness Video Contest 2013 of the SfN. Video by secondary school students Yash Patel, Michelle Goffreda, Robby Vasen, and Kat Lin of High Technology High School, Lincroft, NJ.
  • Figure 4. Glial Cells of the CNS.: Anatomy & Physiology by OpenStax College

Basic Orientation in the Human CNS

Lateral Surface of the Cerebral Hemispheres

Medial Surface of the Cerebral Hemispheres

Ventral Surface of the Cerebral Hemisphere

Overview of Cerebral Anatomy

  • Cerebrum slices by www. anatomie-amsterdam. Here coronal slices of the cerebrum can be viewed. Go to the first image and go to the next slice by clicking the yellow arrow at the left

Cranial and Spinal Nerves

Anatomy of the Brainstem



Medulla Oblongata

Cranial Nerve Nuclei

Internal Anatomy of the Spinal Cord

Blood Supply to the Brain


Internal Capsule and Deep Gray Matter


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