Website Learn Medical Neuroscience has migrated

Safe Server

Some of you might have noticed. The website  (LMN) is now hosted on a safe server.


LMN is a WordPress site. WordPress is an immensely popular CMS (Content Management System), 60% of the websites with a CMS use WordPress.  Immensely popular for webmasters but also for hackers.  LMN not free of attacks. That seems relatively harmless. LMN does not sell products and does not register any user data but it does have a lot of links. I have met hacked websites on which the links have been changed and  lead to content that I personally do not want to be associated with and I do not want the course ‘Medical Neuroscience’  be associated with either.  So I have chosen for migration to a safe server.

LMN started  February 2016. I had been Mentor (/Teaching Assistant) in the course Medical Neuroscience since 2014 and I found that a lot of learners had the same sort of questions. In the course Wiki I started  a Virtual Lab with links to help learners to good sites with content relevant to the most common questions.  When in 2016 Coursera changed to another platform for on-demand courses there was no Wiki for each course any more. I wanted to stay a pro-active Mentor that helps people find answers for there questions themselves so I decided to build a website to help learners .

Use of the website

The use of the website has surpassed my expectations.

There are about 123 users each day and  2,7K visitors each month since February 2016, see figure 1. Overview users LMN (sorry that it is still presented in Dutch, I have changed the language of Google Analytics to English (U.S.) but somehow Google has decided to ignore that).

fig 1 overview number of users of the website www.learnmedicalneuroscience per day
Figure 1. Overview number of users of the website per day

You can see the peak at the beginning. That was when prof. White send out a mail to all learners about the website. There is another peak early in 2017. These are Russian users. Someone has mentioned the website on Reddit and that has caused great interest in Russia.

Global use

The website is used from all over the world, see figure 2.

figure 2 overview of the 10 countries using www.learnmedicalneuroscience the mostg
Figure 2. Overview of the 10 countries using the most.

It is nice to see learners come from different places. The last two days there have been learners from Sydney, Bogota, Moscow, Cairo, New York, Beijing,  Stuttgart, Pune (India), Mexico City and many more.

Popular Content

It is interesting to see the most popular content, see figure 3.

figure 3 most popular content (based on page views) of the website
Figure 3. Most popular content (based on page views) of the website ( / is the home page of the site)

The page showing examples of learners work to visualize the neuroscience knowledge (Visualize your knowledge) is well viewed. It can inspire the current learners all the time.