Duke University Course Credit for online Course Medical Neuroscience

by Leonard White, PhD

Students have asked for Duke Course Credit

Over these last few years, I’ve received many inquiries from people all over the world who are seeking official Duke University course credit for the online course  Medical Neuroscience. For example, some of these students are trying to fulfill a requirement of an academic program in their own university. Others seek to complete a requirement for admission to the next educational level  (e.g., graduate admissions or medical school admission). Many of these students hoped to earn an official course credit that would transfer back into their home institution. They also hoped to receive a transcript from Duke University verifying successful completion of Medical Neuroscience.

Medical Neuroscience, a medical school- and graduate school-caliber online course from Duke University and Coursera.

If this possibility has been on your mind, I have good news!

Duke credit available in summer 2018

First, the good news …

It is now possible to earn course credit from Duke University for successful completion of Medical Neuroscience. Here’s the important details for making this happen:

  • students may enroll in Duke University’s online course, “NEUROSCI 202 Medical Neuroscience
  • NEUROSCI 202 is Coursera’s online Medical Neuroscience course
  • However, NEUROSCI 202 is a “closed course” from Duke University. The enrollment process is managed by Duke. There are specified dates for start and completion.
  • Those dates fit into Duke University’s Summer Session II. The class begins on Monday July 2, 2018 and ends on Sunday August 12, 2018. That’s just 6 weeks for successful completion of Medical Neuroscience!
  • NEUROSCI 202 is graded with letter grades and plus/minus modifiers. The course syllabus explains the grading policy in detail.

That’s the good news.

But there is not-so-good news …

There’s also a financial commitment required that I am not so excited to announce. To enroll in NEUROSCI 202, students must apply for admission to Duke University’s Summer Session program, which requires an application fee and, upon enrollment, tuition. You can learn more about these details on this website. There, you will see that the tuition is $3,390 (USD).

I am thrilled to share Medical Neuroscience with anyone anywhere in the world for FREE! However, my university cannot simply give away its credit-bearing courses. That’s not how a university works and sustains its operation. Tuition is assessed for official university credit and a certified transcript.

Despite those harsh financial realities, I truly wish there was not such a gap between FREE and $3,390! That’s the disappointing news. Nevertheless, the opportunity to advance your education and your career may be worth this tuition for some of you. If that’s your situation, I am delighted to help make that happen through enrollment in NEUROSCI 202.

How to enroll

Interested? If so, please visit the the Duke Summer Session website. Whether you are a student based in the U.S.A. or not, you should complete the application form developed for domestic students.

Please direct all questions about NEUROSCI 202 to Duke Summer Session staff.