Unit 3: Sensory Systems

Featured Video: Auditory Transduction. This 7-minute video by Brandon Pletsch takes viewers on a step-by-step voyage through the inside of the ear, to the acoustic accompaniment of classical music. Brandon Pletsch is a graduate student of the Medical College of Georgia.

Brain Section Images for visualizing pathways

created by a Community Teaching Assistant. In 2014, B.C. Jackson created the following learning tools for reviewing pathways during the first run of Medical Neuroscience:

Overview of the Thalamus

Overview of Cortex and Cortical Circuits

General Principles of Sensory Systems


Pain and Temperature

Visual System

Auditory System

Vestibular System

Chemical Senses: Olfaction

Chemical Senses: Gustation

  • Taste: review activity – Biological Psychology 7th ed.

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